Wednesday, 5 August 2015

we must have soup and ice cream

A favourite at the moment is cooking a diced tomato in a bowl - 2 mins in the microwave, remove, crack an egg directly onto the molten toms which should soft cook it, add hot water and a sachet of your favourite instant soup mix, mine is Ainsley Herriot's Thai Chicken, then add half a diced avocado - yummy!

It staved off hunger pangs for a couple of hours and then I "pigged out" on 3 leftover chicken wings, a spoonful of rice and some cauliflower cheese (2 florets and the sauce).  The dessert of pistachio, hazelnut and salted caramel ice cream undid all the good work probably!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back to the drawing board - 5 years on and more weight has been piled on

Were it that my lunch consisted solely of almonds, but it was an accompaniment to a few cocktail sausages and one helping of wild mushroom soup.  The night before I'd had a horrible dream where my thighs had the appearance of pasty white obesity.  So, for breakfast I had a mug of coffee and some fruit - a kiwi, peach and some small plums.  I'd also nibbled at H's unfinished scrambled eggs, about a tablespoonful of this and a small  cocktail sausage roll.

Monday, 25 January 2010

so it's thoroughly boring

to chronicle every morsel consumed. suffice to say that the new regime of not eating after 6pm seems to be settling down again after a minor glitch last thursday.

last thursday, i went out with some of the girls from work and had sashimi and too much sake and other alcohol. wow, did i press self destruct? f was mightily peeved off with me as i rolled home near 3am on friday. we nearly had a bust up but i made it up to him the following day and took him out to lunch on sat.

so sunday saw us both loved up again and the diet regime firmly back in place.

today i was determined to cut down on the caffeine and only had 3 shots of espresso and about 2 cups of chai tea latte.

for lunch i had some left over roast chicken and green beans and carrots and dined at 6 on stir fried noodles with mackerel and salad. in between meals i'm drinking some chamomile tea and plenty of water.

another week begins

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

several days later

stil trying to be good. coffees for brekkie , lunching as the main meal and dining on soup or salad with cheese. cutting down on the carbs but still drinking the same amt of alcohol. so give it another week and see if there be results!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2nd diet day

today semi skimmed milky coffee

veg soup - carrots and rice broth with spring onions and ginger

salad and cheese

snacked on 2 small pieces of dark liquer chocs and one choc finger

half pint of leffe and copious cups of chamomile tea

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

time to restart the diet

today consumed a cup of milky coffee - semiskimmed.

lunched on meatball and veg soup - 10 meatballs, though. not good

will try to miss dinner somehow ...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

renewing my vow

little did i guess how difficult it would be.  whilst i was on my epic journey home (ok alright, it was only a mere 20 hours via HK) i thought it would be fairly easy.  as i quietly congratulated myself for turning down plane food and drank plenty of water i also imagined that it should be easy enough in the coming days to graze on lettuce leaves and nibble moderately on the odd treat - blue cheese, pate, foie, etc...

i hadn't counted on how well mix had been looking after all at home with her yummy recipes.  i came home at about 10pm and simply had to have a portion of the above chicken and mash pie laced with a vodka cream sauce and then finish with a slice of that heavenly chocolate iced cake.  oh dear oh dear ....  will power, wherefore art thou gone!