Tuesday, 10 February 2009

renewing my vow

little did i guess how difficult it would be.  whilst i was on my epic journey home (ok alright, it was only a mere 20 hours via HK) i thought it would be fairly easy.  as i quietly congratulated myself for turning down plane food and drank plenty of water i also imagined that it should be easy enough in the coming days to graze on lettuce leaves and nibble moderately on the odd treat - blue cheese, pate, foie, etc...

i hadn't counted on how well mix had been looking after all at home with her yummy recipes.  i came home at about 10pm and simply had to have a portion of the above chicken and mash pie laced with a vodka cream sauce and then finish with a slice of that heavenly chocolate iced cake.  oh dear oh dear ....  will power, wherefore art thou gone!


CheekyDani said...

Sod it! Eat girl eat!!!!! That food just looks too yummy to pass by... x

Fire Byrd said...

Never turn down home cooked food, just don't eat huge helpings of it or anything else for that matter!

masterwordsmith said...

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog...I like the way you write to express yourself and I must also eat less :-).

Yup, you got the right answer :-).

Did you make the yummy choc cake?

*sigh* I have a sudden craving for chocs now LOL!!!! Take care and please keep in touch.